Hunting the perfect halloween costume!

From right to left: my beautiful little sister, Abigail, with her friend Sarah during Halloween day.

It’s that time of the year again: Halloween.

But this year is different.

In Argentina most of the people celebrate Halloween, but it’s not as important as it is in America. Now that I am living in Nashville, I can really experience the way Americans celebrate this day. They do it big!

This year, for the first time in more than 10 years, I am going to wear a costume! I am really exited about this. It could be because of the fact that I feel like a child again, or maybe because I really like the character that I am going to be.

I was on the lookout for a great costume that would be fun and also appropriate. Without any idea of what I was going to be, my friend and I designated a time on our agendas to go buy the things that we needed for our costume. When the time came, we hopped in the car and began our journey to a very popular thrift shop in the United States. Before you start judging, you have to remember that we are college students and our budget is limited. Please and thank you!

While we were driving to the store, a sudden rush of inspiration came to me. “I got it!” I said. I knew exactly what I wanted to be. The next step was getting all the necessary accessories to make this costume come to life.

We arrived at the store, and almost half of the people from our school were there trying to find something for this particular day where we all get to play like kids again. I found a yellow shirt in the first store, black gloves in the second one, yellow tights in the third one, and my friend was going to lend me lab goggles. I was almost ready, but I realized that the most important thing was missing; I needed overall. I couldn’t find it anywhere! I went to three stores and no one had it.

I was a little sad because my costume was ruined. Without the overalls, my costume was not going to be how I pictured them  .

The next day I was talking to all my friends about this much needed overalls. No one seemed to have them. Where did all the overalls go? I thought everyone had a pair in the back of their closets, but I guess not. I kept talking about this until I got to the point where I lost all hope.

During one afternoon, I had a meeting with a new friend from school. I was telling her about my excitement for dressing up and having fun with my friends on this festivity, and I mentioned the overall. To my surprise, SHE HAD A PAIR!!

Now, my costume is complete and I am completely ready for my Halloween party.

Before I tell you what I am going to be, I have to ask you the following: Have you seen the movie Despicable Me?

(If you said yes, keep reading. If you said no, go to the link and then keep reading).

Yes! I am going to be a minion!!

After all these years without celebrating Halloween, it’s going to be a lot of fun to wear a costume and eat candy in this sweet and spooky holiday.

There are many ways to celebrate Halloween. Some people go out trick-or-treating, some others dress up as their favorite characters, and some others watch Halloween movies. What do you do to celebrate this festivity? Do you go all-out with decorations for this holiday?

2 thoughts on “Hunting the perfect halloween costume!

  1. I could imagine the kind of excitement you had to take the opportunity to dress up, especially since it’s been so long. You chose a great character to be and I’m sure you enjoyed celebrating in the U.S.

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