Experimenting with American cuisine

The process of acculturating never stops. Every day I learn something new about the American culture. After almost three years, I thought I knew what type of food Americans eat, but I was wrong. Even though I already know a large portion of the foods that you can find in America, I keep learning new traditions.

In the past few weeks I had the opportunity to try three new types of food. They are completely different in their background, but they are all part of this particular culture.

The first one is “soul food.” That’s how the owners of the restaurant that I went two weeks ago call this type of food. Among the things they offer they have fried chicken with mashed potatoes and mac and cheese (that was my choice for the day). You might be wondering, “Has this girl never tried that before? That is a common meal,” and you are right! This meal is very common, and yes I have tried it before. The difference is the way it was cooked. It is called soul food because of how it is prepared. And let me tell you, it tasted really good!


The second thing that I tried these past few weeks is pretzels with hummus. I really like pretzels, but I thought I didn’t like hummus. I think I tried it at some point some years ago and for some reason I didn’t find it tasty. This time was different. Now I am a little obsessed with it. I can’t stop eating it!

The last thing that I want to share with you guys about the American food, is a very traditional thing: PB and J sandwiches. It turns out that one time when I was 8 years old I was visiting America, and the person that was hosting our visit gave my sister and me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I did not like it at all! A couple of days ago, I was wondering around the cafeteria at my school trying to find a snack. There it was waiting for me. It looked like it was almost saying my name. The PB and J sandwich was calling me. I knew I didn’t like it, but I decided to be adventurous and give it another try. I have to say, I loved it! After eating that sandwich I felt Americanized. I will definitely include that in my meals more often.

Let me tell you something that I really miss about my country, Argentina: empanadas. These are one of the best things you can ever try in your life. There are different ways of cooking empanadas, but most of the time you will end up with a delicious dish. If you want to try something new and impress your friends, my suggestion is to make empanadas! Here is an easy recipe that you can follow.

What other foods are really traditional in the American culture? What dish have you tried from another country and really liked? Let me know how it goes with making the empanadas!

2 thoughts on “Experimenting with American cuisine

  1. Really fun post! I’m glad I found it. Let me just add, I can see from the photo that you had the pretzels + hummus that you can buy in the drugstore. Do yourself a favor and get some good hummus from the supermarket, or better yet, a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern restaurant – it might change your life 🙂

  2. Thank you for your comment and suggestion, Jessica! I was checking the Voice of America blog and it seems really cool and also a great resource for international students! 🙂

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